Mommy & Me-Take 100

Logan started the week with a nasty cough and runny nose. We don’t typically take her to the doctor but since I had been sick the previous week we wanted to rule out anything that may require an antibiotic. Of course we took a slefie while we waited for the doctor. m&m99
We left with orders to give Logan honey for her cough and continue using the essential oils during bedtime and naptime. I gotta give a shout out to honey…it works!

Logan has been ALL about her dad lately. She wants him to get her out of the tub, she wants him to dress her, she wants to sit on his lap for stories and she only wants him to put her to bed. It makes me happy they have such a special bond. I do miss bedtime snuggles and songs, but I am glad the Hubs is getting to enjoy it becuase it is such a sweet and snuggly time with Logan. The Hubs needs to get work done…his sidekick is right there with him to help. m&m99b
She enjoys banging on the keys and watching what it does to the monitor. She even managed to pay an invoice for the Hubs…the only problem? The invoice had already been paid! It was a $5k invoice so we will make sure all accounts are logged out before she starts clicking and banging and punching away.


  1. I’m glad the honey worked and she’s feeling better. She sure is happy for being sick.

    Note to self, send $5k invoice to Logan as she’s a prompt payer.

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