Mommy & Me-Take 125

We are still a family of three patiently waiting for our second Milkshake to be earth side. This is before our check-up last Wednesday. She’s growing and growing! Logan loves to talk to her and it is just the sweetest! She lifted up my shirt yesterday morning, rested her head on my belly and said ‘Good morning, Morgan.’m&m125h

Along with her love for Logan movies on our phones she is also loving selfies, when she is in the mood. She thought it was too funny to pat MommaE’s head while we took selfies! m&m125f


It is hot hot HOT here lately. The beginning of summer wasn’t so bad because we were getting rain almost daily. We are on a one week no-rain stretch, and according to the meteorologists it will most likely be another 10 days before we get some cooling rain. It doesn’t seem to phase Logan. She demands wants to be outside. We’ve found if we stick to playing in the backyard with access to her pool, sprinklers and shade it is quite comfortable. Oh, and popsicles help! Swimsuits are overrated!m&m125

After a while diapers are, too! She loves to jump and land on her bottom and make a ‘big splash!’m&m125d

We took a little walk in the front yard yesterday. m&m125c

The trees to her left have some pretty light and dark pink flowers she loves to pick. Thanks neighbor for not getting upset we pick your flowers.m&m125b

Logan quickly asked for us to take her shirt off and we knew we needed to get her home and to the backyard for some outside time involving water.


  1. She is too cute! It’s terribly hot and humid here (although not so much humidity this past weekend which was nice). We haven’t spent as much time in our backyard as we should because of it and the fact my oldest is in school (yes, in the summer – year round). Thankfully the baby is not quite 9mo so she pretty much goes wherever I want to go. For now, that’s inside in the a/c usually!

  2. She is too cute! My kids would spend all summer naked in the pool too if they could, lol.

  3. Water play is the best remedy for such heat! Thank goodness we have a rain shower tonight to help cool everything off.

  4. Thankfully, today is much cooler here, but that brings the mosquitos back! Hopefully, we’ll get a walk in with the family tonight, but with our partial fence, there won’t be any nude swimming!

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