Mommy & Me-Take 134

It was nice having a 3 day weekend and we enjoyed the holiday with a trip to Monkey Joe’s and Baskin Robins. Logan loves pink ice cream with sprinkles. m&m134She is constantly trying to share her food or snacks with me or the Hubs, and it is very sweet, but she didn’t offer to share her beloved pink ice cream. Check out the size of the ‘kiddie scoop’! My ice cream is a kiddie scoop as well!m&m134bI was able to go to the gym one day last week and it felt GREAT to sweat and also be out of the house. Morgan wanted to take a selfie before I dropped her off with the Hubs so of course I snapped away.m&m134cWe finished the weekend watching football and cheering for the Texans (they lost) before we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a delicious dinner!m&m134gLogan was so excited to see her pink mustang…until a love bug landed on it. Our girl has this new fear of love bugs and we need a solution so every fun adventure isn’t cut short if one lands on her, or her swing, or her sister, or the grass etc. Any advice?


  1. Perhaps you could associate the love bugs with telling her that it is someone she loves come to say hello to her or when you see one, make a big to-do over how pretty and nice it is.

  2. I think Sarah has a good idea. The more you point out how nice they are the better it might be for her. Unfortunately we all know how annoying they are this time of year.

  3. The love bugs were all over me at the park, too. I forgot how annoying they are!

    I like that Morgan is going to want some of that ice cream very soon!

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