Mommy & Me-Take 17

This week was full of many little accomplishments/progress: the frames are almost all painted, the two largest pieces of the tree decal are on the wall (the Hubs is determined to meet his 2 piece a day quota, so the entire decal should be up by the end of the week), the baby monitor (after hours of frustration—seriously) is working, a tag lovie for a shower gift is half way made, and we have so many yummy meals in our fridge for the week that we won’t have to eat out (my mom helped a TON is this department with her soupapalooza). We had a doctor appointment Thursday and our Milkshake is still breech. We will have an ultrasound at our next appointment to see if she has flipped. I am continuing the poses and techniques suggested to help her flip, and I hope they work. To be honest, I am SO excited to get to see her again. It will have been 14 weeks since we last saw our little girl. I realized this morning though with all our progress I forgot to snap a picture, most likely because we stayed so busy and determined. I managed to get the Hubs out of bed before I left for work so here is me and the Milkshake at 31w5d:m&m3

This past week also made me a little jealous sad…it appears zoE has a new favorite, and it’s not MommaE. Every chance she gets she is hatching her Father. We refer to it as ‘hatching’ because she doesn’t like to sit near or next to something or someone, she likes to sit directly on it. If we can’t find our phone or TV remote, the first thing we do is pick up zoE because 95% of the time she is sitting on top of it. She hatched Father’s arm the other night:m&m1

Then she rubbed it in even more this weekend that she had a new favorite by snuggling right in his lap, hatching his leg as best she could:m&m2

It was really nice to get so many projects in the works and almost complete…hopefully by the end of the week they are all done and I will have an extra 30 minutes a day to try the ironing board on the couch inversion technique to encourage our Milkshake to flip.

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  1. Grandma P says:

    glad things are coming along.

  2. Wow…I need mom to come have a soup palooza here! She never stocks our freezer!

    Maybe zoE is upset that her lap has been taken over? she’ll love you again.

  3. You still have time. Red flipped two days before he was due, head down. It was fast AND painful. Then, as contractions started, he went crooked and got stuck on the way out… they always have their own plans!

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