Mommy & Me-Take 21

Me and the Hubs have decided to try to ‘live it up’ the next few weeks and weekends because we know once our Milkshake is here getting out (especially late at night) will not really be happening. Friday night we met our Friends Chris and Rachel at Yard House for a delicious dinner. We had a great time, but we had to stand a while waiting for a table and my left foot was not too happy with me. Saturday we ran some errands and took some maternity pictures. My friend Jenny was celebrating her 35th birthday and unfortunately we missed dinner because of the pictures (although I did sneak to the restaurant to decorate the table). We did meet up with the group later on for some fun at Howl at the Moon. Dueling piano bars are so fun, and impressive! Me and the Hubs can’t figure out how they know the words to EVERY song!

Sunday we planned to have a Babymoon day, but will two late nights in a row we were ready to relax, and my swollen foot/ankle needed to be propped up. We decided to do things around the house that we enjoy, and we will get out for a Babymoon type day next weekend. What do we enjoy? Working out together, and it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to. So I put on my workout gear and made sure to snap a picture of me and the Milkshake getting ready to pump some iron:mommy&me


We converted half our garage into a gym and thoroughly enjoy it. I was going to boot camps and we would go to the gym together as often as possible, but having the equipment at home just works much better for us. We have a TV in the garage, too, so we watched our favorite Sunday morning show while working out.mommy&me2

I think we have a pretty good set-up. Yes, the Hubs is wearing flip flops…I do not advocate flip flops while working out, but it works for him. (The swollen ankle/leg is obvious in this picture…I have big legs and the swelling just makes them jumbo.) Although we did not have the away-from-home-Babymoon we planned it was a fun filled weekend and a great Sunday. We finished the day by grilling delicious burgers, shrimp and chicken! We will try for a Babymoon day this upcoming weekend.

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  1. That’s great that you are still working out & your babe will be here soon.

  2. I love that you guys work out together for fun – such a great couple activity!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You’re almost there!
    The work out set up in your garage is a great idea.

  4. Saturday night rocked balls!! You are an amazing organizer and made the night perfect!!

  5. Grandma Pat says:

    it is fun working out together. I am really enjoying Joe coming to pilates with me. Glad you are enjoying a little night life before little miss L gets here.

  6. You are still soooo tiny! It’s not fair. I think you’ve only gained weight in your leg and foot.
    (Case in point, 37 weeks with E and 35 weeks with N!

    You are doing great…and enjoy your living it up time.

  7. I’m impressed that you’re still working out this far into your pregnancy. I’ll have to use you for inspiration when I’m pregnant next time.

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