Mommy & Me-Take 23

Saturday I was a hostess for our friends Engagement Party. I wanted to wear a dress since it was a nice event, but with the way my leg and foot swell anything short just makes me very self conscious. Me and the Hubs went to Target and I finally got a maxi dress. I say finally becuase I have always wanted one, but just felt like I am too tall for all the same fabric. After wearing it Saturday I think I will get a few more after our Milkshake arrives…it was so comfortable. We went to a nice, romantic dinner after the party and I didn’t feel under-dressed or worried about my thigh-calf-cankle ugliness. Before the party:M&M1

Sunday morning I cleaned the house then spent some time lounging on the couch before the BIL and FIL came over to see Logan’s room and go to lunch. Of course some very sweet fur babies wanted some snuggle time.

m&m2 M&M5

I don’t know how Leroy finds that comfortable, but it’s one of his favorite ways to sleep.

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  1. You look great, and adorable pics of your kitties! My doggie loved my pregnant belly. She’d lay her head on it all the time and even lick it, lol. She knew I had a “pup” in there. 🙂

  2. What I would give for some tall-ness! That dress is super cute! 🙂

  3. You looked so great at the party! I loved the dress!!! I think maxi’s look better on taller people than shorter ones, like me! Thanks again for an amazing Engagement Party!!!! We had such an amazing time!!

  4. That dress is cute & the cat too.

  5. You look beautiful in your dress!! Your fur babies are so cute!!

  6. Loving the green maxi! I wore my maxi to church today.

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