Mommy & Me-Take 232

July 31-August 6, 2017

Hagan had a very high fever in the middle of the night, so I rushed her to the closes children’s emergency room. After all the tests it proved she had a virus and the doctor sent us home with orders to snuggle, rest and nurse. She did great…it broke my heart to se her poked and prodded. 910

Within 24 hours she was feeling much better, and we were glad the fever was gone. So, we both got dolled up for a follow-up visit with the pediatrician. 16


The pediatrician check-ed her over and said she was recovering well. But the whole ordeal of being in the car seat (which she HATES) wore her out. She is so snuggly-wuggly!29

Logan and Morgan were so glad to come home from school and see Hagan feeling better. 39

Unfortunately, the next day the Hubs ended up with a fever and the same ick Hagan had. He recovered like a champ just in time for Logan’s 4th birthday party! Happy 4th Birthday PARTY, Logan!4850



Thanks to all the friends that came to celebrate Logan. And a HUGE award to Morgan for best middle sister…she did not get jealous or upset a single time about all the attention Logan received. 63I noticed she was doing so well eating her pizza she almost missed all of us singing to Logan, but I scooped her up and got her front and center just in time. 93

What a VERY happy almost 4 year old looks like post birthday party!94

Sunday we all took some time to recover from the party and open some of the MANY gifts Logan received. 110

Logan’s birthday celebrations will continue this week when she celebrates at school on her actual birthday. Even though all we had to do was ‘show up’ this party planning/organizing wore us out and we are looking for ward to a low-key birthday celebration at home on August 9!

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