Mommy & Me-Take 24

I had a weekly appointment Thursday and my blood pressure was a little high. Not dangerously high, but highER than it’s been so I was told to take it easy and make sure I keep my swollen feet propped up, but continue to walk daily. I was also told to massage my foot/ankle/cankle and a pedicure would be good to indulge in. Anyone that knows me well knows I am not the pedi/mani loving type…I just feel like I waste my time. But, Saturday, after I had taken the dogs on a walk I decided to get a pedicure. The house was clean, grocery shopping was done and I really wouldn’t be wasting time. I grabbed my Hypnobirth book and decided to try a place in the same shopping center as the Hubs store. *Side note—after walking the dogs I dropped my phone and shattered my screen. The Hubs quickly dropped both our cracked phones off so we were both phoneless. I planned to stop by and say hi after my pedicure.* We’ve joked since we’ve had our store that the salon in the same strip center was maybe a ‘super spa’….you know, the rub and tug kind aka happy ending. Their hours are a little excessive (9am-8pm daily) for typical salons, and we don’t see many people go in there except men, but I think all sexes want pretty fingers and toes. So, I went in Saturday not sure what to expect, and figured I’d be able to give the Hubs and our employees a full run down of what really happens there.

Red Flag #1. No lights on inside. It was the middle of a summer day so there was some light that came in from the front windows, but it was pretty dim. So dim that I thought I picked out a pinkish red color but it’s pretty red. Where the polish choices were was super dark. Maybe they keep it dim because it’s hot and less light means less heat?

Red Flag #2. No price list or list of services offered was displayed, except a small sign on the counter that read ‘Thai Massage $45-$60.’ I didn’t let it bother me becuase most spa pedicures are usually $25-35, and I just did not feel like it would be an issue. If they offered me additonal treatments like hot wax I would inquire about the extra cost then.

I settled into the spa pedicure chair, got the massagers rolling on my back and start reading my hypno book.

Red flag #3. There were French doors leading to another section of the salon, that was very dim, lit only by a neon sign that read ‘massage’. OK, so maybe that’s where they do the Thai massage they advertise at the counter?

Me and the Milkshake were enjoying our pedicure and the lady was doing a great job and did lots of massaging and sloughed off all the dead skin. About 15 minutes after I got there and older gentleman walked in, talked with the man at the front desk in a hushed voice, and walked to the back through the French Doors.

Red Flag #4. The man from the front desk, I am going to assume he is the pimp owner, comes back and has a conversation with the lady working on my feet in another language. They go back and forth for a few seconds, then the older gentlemen came back out and the lady wokring on my feet told him she can do his pedicure in 20 minutes. He looked confused, the owner did a hand gesture to come back to the desk, they did some more quiet talking, and the older gentleman left, but not before the lady wokring on my feet told him again to come back. This time she said 10 minutes. I guess she didn’t want to lose a potential customer.

Red Flag #5. Another gentleman came in, talked in very hushed tones, and was escorted to the back rather quickly. I saw a young girl meet him in the dimly lit back area and they went in to a room and shut the door. The owner came back out and let me know the gentleman was going to get a facial. The lady wooking on my feet also told me he was getting a facial and asked if I wanted one. No thank you, and really, I don’t need to know what ‘treatment’ the guy was getting, but whatever.

Red Flag #6. As the lady is painting my toenails (with a much more red color than I wanted for the summer) she was telling me it has been a very long time since she has painted nails. Ummm, this is a nail salon? With spa pedicure chairs and nail stations all set-up and everything, right? I just let her know they looked great, becuase they really did. And the massaging was fabulous, the best of any pedicure.

Red Flag #7. While I was waiting for my toes to dry another guy came in the store to ask how late they were open. The owner (by this point I am convinced he is the pimp) said 8pm, but followed it up with ‘Does that work for you?’ WHAT? They do appointments for manis and pedis after 8pm if needed? Or maybe he just wanted a ‘facial’ like the other guy still back there getting his.

Red Flag #8. My toes were dry so I got up to walk to the front to pay..and the pimp opened the door for me and was all ready to get me out of his ‘salon’ but I informed him I still needed to pay. We went to the front counter and he asked ‘$20????’ If that’s what you charge for a spa pedicure than yes, please charge me that? It was a very awkward conversation becuase it was all questions. I was very happy to pay $20, and maybe there was room to negotiate, but by this point the red flags were so numerous  I was ready to go. I gave the lady her tip, and noticed she was busy applying dark red lipstick and massive amounts of perfume, and then I was out the door with my nicely massaged legs and pretty toes.


Poor lefty is still so swollen, and now the right side is swelling up. The Milkshake was with me for this experience, but since I didn’t have my phone I didn’t get a picture of the bump relaxing in the spa chair. Now that I think of it, I do not know if the pimp would have liked me taking pictures in his ‘salon.’

I did get a good Father & Me picture yesterday. Leroy and the Hubs have a very interesting relationship…they typically respect love eachother from nice distance. But yesterday, Leroy wanted to cuddle and I feel like the look on both thier faces is just perfect for the moment!


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  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Pretty sure thats not your typical nail salon! But hey, only $20?? Not bad! But not good enough to go back! haha

  2. Hah! That definitely sounds shifty. But hey, at least they give good pedis and are cheap, right? And don’t feelbad, my feet were huge deformed sausages when I was pregnant.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a crazy story! At least you got a great pedicure out of the experience! lol

    Hope you are feeling well, getting enough rest!

  4. Great polish job though even thought it sounds like a weird experience.

  5. Grandma Pat says:

    no more pedis there for you. always wondered how they could have so many mani/pedi spas all over the city. Great picture of hubs and Leroy. He never does that.

  6. Wow what an experience. I’m guessing you won’t be making a return visit. Ha ha ha!!! The pic of Leroy and your husband is just adorable!!

  7. I can’t believe you stayed..but I’m wonder, did you take notes the whole time or remember it all?

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