Mommy & Me-Take 25

We had an appointment Friday and there is not a whole lot to report…I am not dilated but I have softened some. We go back Wednesday for another check-up, but we are trying to stay patient and let our Milkshake come when she is ready. I will be working half days starting Wednesday (our EDD), and will try to get some extra rest before she arrives. We were also advised to try to stay occuppied so the anxiety doesn’t drive us crazy. Saturday I got my haircut in the morning becuase I don’t want Logan coming out thinking her mom is a Sasquatch (it hasn’t been cut since December!) and planned to go home and have lunch with the Hubs before our breastfeeding class. Unfortunately, he had a near disaster at his store and called to let me know he coudn’t make it to the class. Oh, ok, no problem, right??? WRONG! I tried to tell myself it will be ok going alone, it’s not a big deal, you can review the info with the hubby later this weekend etc etc etc. It didn’t matter what I told myself, I was upset (more like devestated) that I would be the only mom alone, and I wouldn’t remember anything and how in the world can this happen when we have our breastfeeding classs (que end of the world music). So, I did want any 30 year old pregnant woman does and called my mom, asked her to drop everything on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours, and come to a class which she needs zero information on…and you know what? She didn’t hesitate and met me there, WITH a snack! I was so upset I never ate lunch so the snack was perfect. My mom breastfed me and my sister, so she was able to give a few tips of her own. She also said she learned a few things from the class so I am glad I can call her or my sister if I have any questions.

After the class I was ready to eat a good meal and digest all I had learned. I got good news from the Hubs that things were back in order at the store (phew!) drove through Chick-Fil-A for their amazing cobb salad and went home to veg out. Somehow zoE just knew her momma needed some extra cuddle time. M&Mzoe2

I could snuggle her all day long. This weekend we discovred the Showtime series Weeds….and ALL the episodes are available to watch OnDemand. We ran our errands yesterday and then vegged out and watched all of Season 2, and a few episodes of Season 3. Leroy came for some tv/cuddle time as well. M&Mleroy

I love my fur baby mommy & me time!

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  1. So glad your mom was able to go to the class with you! Having extra support is SO crucial!

  2. I love kitty time. SO sweet that your mom came over in a heartbeat to help you with the class. Awesome!

  3. That’s great that you will be cutting down your hrs. Your cat is adorable.

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