Mommy & Me-Take 26

We are just playing the waiting game right now. As I type this, I am 40w5d pregnant and nothing has changed….she has not dropped, I have not experienced a single contraction, no loss of mucous plug, no bloody show…nada. It is definitely not encouraging and each day that passes brings more fear and anxiety of a medical induction. We have a check-up Wednesday to see if I have miraculously dilated then we have to schedule a bio-physical profile to make sure our Milkshake is doing ok in order to continue to wait for her to come naturally. I am doing good physically…mentally and emotionally it is a different story—being surrounded by baby stuff and not having a baby to use it with has not been sitting well with me the past few days. Then, I googled pregnancies past 41 weeks and there really is not anything positive out there. I know our caregivers will not let anything happen to us but it sure would be nice to have this baby in our arms and out of my belly sooner than later.

I think the fur babies are trying to get as many snuggles from MommaE as possible before they have to share my lap. They do not leave my side. First it was only zoE getting some snuggles.  M&M40W2DB

Then Leroy decided he wanted in on the attention too. M&M40W2D

Hopefully my Mommy & Me next week is a picture of me and our Milkshake on the outside.

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  1. Grandma P says:

    I am sure she will be here by next week.

  2. So glad you didn’t have to do another Mommy and Me Monday without her here!

  3. I heard you had your baby, congrats!!!!!!! 🙂

    I know how you felt going overdue. I went past 42 weeks with my first, and past 41 weeks with my second!

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