Mommy & Me-Take 34

This week Logan has been experiencing bad gas pains. We have tried Gripe Water, ‘I love you’ message and bicycle legs and we still have to use the gas drops quite often. Maybe I am being paranoid but I worry about using the drops too much since they are ‘medicine.’ All these tummy aches have resulted in some great cuddle time with our sweet girl.m&m930b

She fell asleep gripping my tank top during one of her painful cries.


Leroy enjoyed some cuddle time and wedged his way onto my lap. Our Boppy has so many uses.

We are going to continue all the gas helping techniques. I am also going to start documenting everything I eat to see if there is a pattern to her tummy troubles and my diet. I have had a terrible stomach ache the past two weeks and I can’t figure out what it’s from. I am worried whatever is hurting my stomach is hurting Logan’s as well, but not a single thing has been different in my diet.

We’ve noticed Logan likes to be involved and interact more and more each day. I had her on my lap while I was working on the computer the other day and she was happy as can be. Yes, there is a beer in this picture…I’ve read it can help me produce more milk, and it sure does taste good.m&m930a

5 short weeks until I go back to work…too bad I can’t just bring her with me. I think she would be the cutest addition to our team.

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  1. Gas pains are the WORST. We used the gas drops with a heavy hand as well as bicycle legs, and it was a help. I hope that despite her gas she doesn’t have a hard time going #2 – that is always harder. Keep up the good work, Mama!

  2. I could be wrong, but I recall the doctor saying that they can’t have too many gas drops! I’ll learn you the really good bicycling…I’ve got a record for getting 13 “passes” out of one of my kiddos in a row:)

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    gas drops or a baby in pain? I say use the gas drops and don’t worry about it. I am sure it would be more closely monitored if they were at all harmful to babies. Looks like you are doing some work upstairs.

  4. I am so sorry about that. I hope the baby feels better by now. I didn’t have any gas problems with my kids when they were newbies. What an adorable little one. And look how cutie that Leroy is. hehehe.. Leroy loves to cuddle too, next to mama and cutie baby. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and your comments.

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