Mommy & Me-Take 36

A selfie from our trip to Atlanta last week.


Wearing her in the Ergo and swapping her diaper bag for a backpack made security and packing essentials very easy. I brought the small cross body purse and put my drivers license, Logan’s birth certificate, boarding pass and cash in it for easy access. Flying with her was much easier and less stressful than I thought. The passengers and flight attendants thought she was the best behaved passenger, and one flight attendant gave her a little wing pin. It was a nice trial run because she will be going to Atlanta in February while me and the Hubs are at a wedding in Florida.

The Hubs watched Logan while I went and had dinner with some close girl friends. I made sure to get a picture with her because I knew being away for a few hours would be tough.mommy&logan

It was fun to have a nice meal and some wine knowing she was spending quality time with her father…and her grandma and grandpa later in the evening. Thanks to my BFF for picking up my tab at dinner.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun birthday!!!!

  2. Looking so cute. I wonder who looked just like that while flying to Houston. (Although, I just noticed our backpack is ripped!)

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