Mommy & Me-Take 38

I go back to work Friday so most of the past week was spent like this:m&m38b


I have mixed feelings about going back to work…I like my job and love my co-workers (although a very good friend went to work at a different company while I was on maternity leave) and I know Logan will learn so much at day care, but I also do not want to miss anything as she grows and learns. I am only working 3 days next week so hopefully it well help the adjustment go smoothly.

The Hubs also got some good snuggle time this past week:m&m38a

Did you notice in the pictures our Milkshake is sleeping?!?! She’s not taking wonderful naps, but she has been taking some which is a huge improvement. We are taking each bed time one night at a time. There have been a few good nights and a few rough nights BUT she has been getting some sleep. I have heard day care helps babies sleep and also that it interrupts their sleep. Any advice from mom’s out there with daycare and sleeping, or helping to make the adjustment easier?

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  1. It’s true! Logan will learn TONS. You learn different things from different people! But also be aware that she will build her immune system, which means plenty of boogers and colds. We’re going through it ourselves. Have a good time at work and enjoy your adult company!

  2. So sweet! It’s never easy to go back to work. I can clearly remember both days I had to return after each of my boys were born. Now I’m working part-time out of the home and part-time online. It’s a great fit, though I do spend an absurd amount of time on the computer early in the morning and late at night. Anything for the kiddos! Also, I linked up with Krystyn for the second time today at Good luck!

  3. It’s very hard to go back to work after you have your baby. I understand the mixed feelings completely. After the first few days it gets easier though and if you are happy with your daycare provider then you can rest assured they will take wonderful care of your little one. The sleep thing kind of just happens when they adjust to the daycare nap schedule. Plus on the bright side, because she will spend so much time and activity seeing other little ones and being stimulated, the hours per night she sleeps will increase naturally 🙂 Enjoy your last week with your sweet little one – glad I got to see you guys yesterday!

  4. So glad that she’s sleeping better for you. And, going back to work is hard, but it does get easier…and we you see the fun things she does and learns, you’ll be so excited for her.

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