Mommy & Me-Take 4

With pregnancy comes growing body parts. For me, that has mainly meant the (*)(*) growing. Like growing so much I went from a 34-36B to a 34DD pretty much overnight. It’s been pretty nice…..I’ll take larger (*)(*) any day.

But I think the one most impressed with the DD’s is zoE. When she snuggles me she has to be touching them, and this is a totally new thing for her. See her tiny little paw on one of the (*)?mommy&ma4a

My sister refers to it as ‘getting fresh’ and zoE has been ‘getting fresh’ with my bigger (*)(*) every chance she gets.


It’s kind of tough to tell in these pictures, but those are her paws ‘groping’ my (*)(*).

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  1. haha too funny!

  2. Ummm..yeah, totally getting fresh with you.

  3. hahahah! I think she needs a shower 😉

  4. Grandma Pat says:

    I would think it would be bad boy Leroy doing the groping not sweet zoE.

  5. That’s funny. My 5 & 1/2 year old daughter just discovered mine. It’s her new thing trying to peek or touch them. ugh. She also lifts her shirt & says “I’m flashing my boobies”.

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