Mommy & Me-Take 40

My first week (well, 3 days) back to work started off well. By Wednesday Logan was used to the routine and slept from 7:30-2am, ate, then slept until 5am. It worked perfectly because I was able to feed her then leave for work, pumping on the drive of course.

 Thursday morning we took our time getting ready because the Hubs was getting his wisdom teeth taken out. He was standing in the bathroom holding Logan and she puked. All over both of them and then just grinned and was happy as ever. It wasn’t spit up, it was the real deal throw up, but I was just hoping it was a bubble and she wasn’t burped well.

 We dropped her at daycare and drove to the dentist. The Hubs had all 4 wisdom teeth removed with no sedative…and one of the teeth was stuck under his jaw bone and had to be removed in pieces AND a part of his bone shaved off. Umm, OUCH. I don’t do teeth (or snot) well so I left for the majority of the procedure. They were working on the last tooth when I got back and the Hubs was doing great. Before I knew it he was taking some ibuprofen and we were on our way to CVS to get the prescriptions filled. Unfortunately the Novocain wore off before we had the pain pills and the Hubs was miserable. It’s so hard to see someone you love and is always so strong in pain. And his throat was so sore and dry but he couldn’t drink water because his tongue was still numb. I dropped off the prescriptions (begged them to fill them ASAP…I actually begged for just one pain pill to give him right then but they aren’t able to do that), rushed the Hubs home to the comfort of our bed (see below) and went to get Logan while they filled his meds.m&md


As soon as I walked in the door her teacher told me she had thrown up both bottles. She clarified it was indeed throw up, not spit up, and it was so much they had to was the rug in the classroom. She also told me Logan wasn’t being her usual alert, active and loud self. As soon as I picked her up I could tell my baby girl was sick. I clicked her in the car and headed to get the prescriptions and she passed out. I got her home, shoved some pills down the Hubs throat and made Logan a doctor apppointment.

While waiting to leave I nursed her and poor girl threw up with my nipple in her mouth. The pediatrician did an exam and said it was a stomach bug and it seems to be going around. She didn’t have a fever so that was good. Then she threw up all over us. He suggested pedialyte but after talking to my favorite nurse sister I decided I would nurse her when she wanted because breast milk provides all she needs. If the vomiting continued into the evening I would try the pedialyte. Logan pretty much slept and nursed all day. I decided to have her sleep in our room that night and she felt good enough to take a selfie.


Friday she still wasn’t herself and the Hubs was in pain. The pain medicine helped some, but not enough. I had planned to take Logan to daycare for a few hours to keep up the routine but she didn’t seem to feel well enough and I think she needed her mommy. Next thing I knew we were going through outfits because it was coming out the other end. It sounds bad, but I was glad because I knew she wasn’t dehydrated. Friday was much the same as Thursday–lots of sleeping and nursing.


Friday evening started off ok and Logan slept pretty good. Around midnight shenwoke up fussy and I nursed her and she slept until around 3am. She woke us up with a loud poop and the Hubs changed her. While he did I had him get me a trash can….you guessed it, I got the stomach bug. The pediatrician warned me that may happen. Saturday morning was rough and I had zero appetite. Logan still wasn’t feeling well so the three of us pretty much stayed in bed all morning. Until, the Hubs got nauseated. Next thing I knew he was throwing up. Way too many bodily fluids in the Milkshake household.



Saturday evening I put Logan to bed and came downstairs to the Hubs moaning and freezing cold but incredibly warm to the touch. He has already taken ibuprofen, Tylenol, lunesta  and codeine…he should have been asleep no matter what. He was in horrible pain and was borderline delirious. We decided it would be best to take him to the ER (hallelujah for good insurance) because he was feeling worse and worse. He was negative for the flu but had and upper respiratory infection, and infection from his teeth (the doctor could only assume since he wasn’t on antibiotics) and a stomach virus. After two bags of fluids, Tylenol, iv pain meds and anti-nausea  meds we were sent home with four prescriptions and a much happier Hubs. Sunday was a day of recovery for all of us. However, our house resembled a crime scene…blood, puke and poop just seemed to linger. I did my best to clean, get laundry done and get the house in order but I took today (Monday) as a vacation day to be closer to Logan and get caught up.

Phew, what a weekend and I hope we don’t have one like that again. My mom said it best though ‘a family that pukes & poops together stays together.’ After this weekend we are one solid Milkshake family.

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  1. I think i got a little nauseous just reading that post!

  2. I am so glad you all are feeling better and David got on the antibiotics. Scary his dentist didn’t start him on some right away. I can’t claim the “stay together” comment though. I was texting what Grandpa said.

  3. I’m glad you survived your first house illness…sadly, I doubt it will be the last!

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