Mommy & Me-Take 43

On Thanksgiving, my sweet friend, Jenny, sent me a picture of her wearing her newphew, Liam, in her sister’s new Ergo. Well, great minds think alike a happy baby is an Ergo worn baby and at that same time I was wearing our Milkshake as we finished preparing our feast.m&m43a

Logan is doing a great job of falling asleep on her own. Unfortunatley, from 1am-5am she is awake on and off, crying, fussy and flat out doesn’t know what she wants. Let me correct that, she wants MommaE to hold her paci in while she sleeps, it seems. The past few days her cough was keeping her awake. I was kindly given a sample of some essential oils and it has been helping her tremendously. Last night she didn’t wake up coughing, but she did wake up 🙁 I know it’s only a matter of time before she fully figures out this sleep thing. We can tell Logan is used to her bedtime routine and she lets us know when it’s 5:30 and she needs to be having her bath. The Hubs was with us during her bedtime nursing the other night and got to see some of the sweet moments me and Logan share…she will stop nursing and look up at me and smile the biggest, sweetest Milkshake smile ever. We tried to capture it but the flash combined with her being tired only got us this picture:m&m43b


  1. Grandma P says:

    hopefully the oils will get rid of her nasty cough. glad we got to spend the holiday with you and the hubs.

  2. I just love that Ergo…it’s so pretty!

    And, sweet mommy/daughter looks. Adorable.

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