Mommy & Me-Take 45

Logan interacts with us more and more each day, and it makes it more and more difficult to go to work in the morning. I had the Hubs snap a picture of us before I left this week so I could stare at her as often as I wanted.m&m45b

Our Milkshake had her 4 month check-up this week. She is 12lbs 13oz and perfectly healthy (20th percentile in weight, 86th percentile in height…supermodel?). She handled the shots so well. I couldn’t have been more proud. The nurse was super fast and she cried for a second for the first one, but the second shot must have been a little more painful becuase she let out one good wail and then she got my (*) and she was fine. She didn’t even whimper once she was able to nurse. This was about an hour after her shots.m&m45

Sleeping is getting MUCH better. Last night I didn’t even have a chance to finish singing her first bedtime song and she was out. Normally, I rock her and sing until she is sleepy but last night she was just too tired. I snuggled her and sang the songs even though she was passed out…I like to think it will help her sleep. m&m45c


  1. She is growing so fast. She is an absolute beauty.

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