Mommy & Me- Take 57

We finally got some nice weather this week, and with the time change I was able to spend time outside with Logan before bedtime. It’s pretty obvious she loves to be tickled!m&m57b

A friend emailed me about music classes a little over a month ago. I was hesitant because the time conflicted with our Milkshake’s nap (or attempt at a nap), but I also like to DO stuff with her on the weekends. Saturday was our first class. Logan and Siena had a great time! We will be going every Saturday for the next 10 weeks. music class 2

We sang songs, played with bubbles, clapped, danced, shook maracas and watched Logan sit up all on her own for the first time. She liked it so much she sat up by herself almost the entire class. There was an activity in which the babies were sitting on a parachute and we twirled it around. I was a little nervous of her balance but she did great! She fell over one time and just kind of enjoyed the twirling on her tummy. music class

Logan did not make a sound in class, nor did she smile, but as soon as we got in the car (when I figured she would have zonked out) she sang, babbled and screeched the whole way home. I am looking forward to music class this week.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    Music class sounds like a lot of fun for both of you. I am glad you decided to sign up.

  2. I’m so glad the weather has turned around…although it’s cold here today.

    I never did a music class with the girls. It looks like fun.

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