Mommy & Me-Take 59

In January 2012, I ran the Houston half marathon with my friend, Rachel. We trained for months and it was a HUGE accomplishment for both of us. For a little extra fun and motivation we were matchy matchy on race day…and we both already had everything! That’s when you know someone is meant to be your friend-you have matching outfits without even planning it. m&m59

Neither of us were big runners, but we stuck to a buddy training system and finished in 2 hours 35 minutes. m&m59b

We enjoyed the Houston half marathon so much we have decided to run another one! Me and Rachel will be running the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll half marathon in December 2014. That means we have a little over 8 months to train for the next half marathon, and I know, after having Logan, I will need to take advantage of every nice weather day that I can!

I started training this week by jogging a mile followed by walking a mile. Me and Rachel don’t have the same work schedule so we will only be able to train together on the weekends. I found the perfect fill-in training partner…LOGAN!m&m59c

Pushing a stroller while jogging is quite a challenge. I’m hoping it helps me train a little better. Thanks, Rachel, for being my jogging partner again! I can’t wait to try to beat our time in December.

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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    lots of fun – I would love to do a half marathon one day

  2. So proud of you for doing this again. I’m running 2 miles in less than 2 weeks and I haven’t run at all! Crap!

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