Mommy & Me-Take 60 (a day late)

The weather has been wonderful the past few weeks in the Lone Star State! We are taking every opportunity to enjoy it before the scorching heat and sticky humidity force us indoors. We loaded up Riley and Madelyn and had a family trip to the dog park. Logan LOVED the fresh air. (I rarely wear her forward facing, I know it’s not the best, but she enjoys watching the dogs.)m&ma

Now to sour the beautiful mood…on to naps. Ugh, they are still *typically* so bad. We’ve tried so many methods, even the CIO, and nothing seems to work. This past weekend she napped for 45 minutes, then woke up screaming. I gave her a few inutes to soothe herself, which only resulted in LOUD screaming, so I went in her room and scooped her up. As soon as I picked her up she nestled her sweet little head on my chest and I knew she was not ready to be awake. So I rocked her, and we napped together for another hour Saturday and Sunday. m&mb


Napping with Logan is so sweet and special, but unfortuntaley, that time is also perfect for getting household stuff done. My sister sent me a contact andĀ intake formĀ for a sleep expert to look over. She will be getting back with me in a few days with some advice for naps. Logan needs them and is a much happier baby with naps longer than 45 minutes.

We are having ALL the flooring in our house replaced which has created a huge mess. Basically, our house looks like a construction zone. The washer and dryer are by the front door, the stove is in the middle of the kitchen and the litter box is in the middle of whatever room the workers are not in. It’s awful but I know the house will look great and hopefully provide a better breathing envrionment for the Hubs and Logan. There was no way to cook breakfast Sunday morning, so we had a family trip to IHOP. Logan ate eggs, pancakes, mushrooms and French toast (no syrup) and had a great time! We really enjoy taking her places and hope it will teach her to have good behavior in public places.m&mc




  1. I’m glad she got some fresh air…and yummy breakfast too. Can’t wait to feed her french toast with a ton of powdered sugar on it!

  2. Grandma P says:

    I am sure she will figure nap time out and learn to self soothe. Really are you serious’ girls will teach Logan the proper way to eat French toast. Like she says a ton of powdered sugar on the toast and on the table too.

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