Mommy & Me-Take 66

We have been so busy with life in the Milkshake household we didn’t even realize this next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Woohoo for a three day weekend! After this past week and weekend we plan to hang at the house and relax. We had a BUSY Sunday and started the day with family pictures at 7am. Logan was fascinated by the sound of the lens and just stared and stared at the camera. Our photographer sent us a preview last night and we can’t wait to see the rest. m&m66b
The photographer, Rachel, was great! She picked a wonderful location, worked fast and had us on our way home in order to have Logan in her crib for a nap. She sleeps MUCH better in her crib than anywhere else. After her nap we were off to the Houston Zoo for her friends first birthday party! The party was scheduled during nap time and we hoped Logan would sleep in the car. She did…a whole 10 minutes. The weather was perfect—sun shining, but not too warm, which meant EVERYONE in Houston was at the zoo. OK, OK, I know not everyone, but if y ou saw the parking lot you would probably agree. The Hubs dropped us off and I wore Logan becuase she was sleepy and it’s easier than pushing a stroller and I know where she is at all times. It was the BEST decision!
We got to the party, about 30 minutes later the Hubs joined us becuase it took that long to find a parking spot. Logan was very sleepy so I kept her in the carrier and she fell asleep. When the party was over she kind of opened her eyes and I thought she may want to see some of the animals. Our first stop was the giraffes, but whe I looked down and saw her face I knew she was not interested in seeing any animals and wanted to get her home.m&m66f Five minutes into the ride home she puked and puked and puked. It was so sad. I also wonder how someone so small can produce so much vomit.
As soon as we got home the Hubs gave Logan a bath and I cleaned her car seat. She was happy during her bath so we hoped her food just didn’t settle well and she would be ok. The hubs left to go to a different birthday party and Logan ate a few Cheerios and tried to play, but she was still so sleepy. It was an hour before her bedtime, but I could tell our Milkshake was ready for bed. We were settled in the glider for about 2 minutes when it happened again. Puke all over Logan, me, the glider and the floor. I stripped off her pj’s and wiped her down and just held my sick baby girl. She was extra snuggly and content in my arms. She slept for about 20 minutes, picked her head up and looked right at me and grinned the sweetest two teeth grin ever, then laid her head back on my chest and was asleep.m&m66c She slept all night but the Hubs is keeping her home today so she can be 100% before she goes back to school. I can’t wait to enjoy this long weekend with my family.

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  1. so sweet!! I love her adorable sleepy face! but it is no fun when they are sick… 🙁 hope she is better soon!

  2. Grandma P says:

    it’s terrible when babies are sick. I hope she is better today.

  3. I can’t wait to see the pics! The previews were amazing! I didn’t realize that was so early in the morning!

  4. She looks so sweet all sleepy..bummer it’s because she was sick.

  5. Such sweet pictures! I hope that she is back to herself in no time! *Visiting from Mommy & Me Mondays!

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