Mommy & Me-Take 68

Logan is still ALL about seeing Logan. It is just adorable. Friday morning, before I left to work a charity even for the Hubs business, I wanted to see my girl. She saw her reflection and I had to capture it.m&m68m&m68b
We were goofing around, singing and playing with toys Sunday when she grabbed my phone and wanted to eat it. I was able to prevent her froom drooling all over my phone by turning on the front camera.m&m68c
If you look VERY closely you can see her third tooth on the bottom left. It broke through this week. Yay!m&m68d

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  1. She’s so stinking cute! I love this age when they want to look at themselves all the time!

  2. So adorable!!

  3. How awesome! She is just the cutest so I can see how you’d have to take pictures of her all the time!

  4. Grandma P says:

    cute pictures – she needs that new tooth to battle daddy’s dinners

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