Mommy & Me-Take 7

My pooch, pudge, beer gut baby bump at 21w4d. Yes, it has been referred to as all those the past few weeks. People are just so nice (this is when I need the sarcasm font.)

mommyand me

In other milkshakes news, we got the paint for her room Saturday. Sunday we moved the bed out of her room and began prepping it to paint. I am off this Friday (yay!) so hopefully we will paint then.We also put the scotch guard on the rug for her room so once the painting is complete we can roll it out. A friend told me about Zulily and I ordered some adorable prints for her room…she will have a Boo Bear in her room. I will post pictures when they come in. Now we just need Ikea to have the dresser we want in stock so we can paint it and put it together.


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  1. SOunds like it’s all coming together!!

  2. I like the little bump.

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    Baby bump is cute!!!!

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