Mommy & Me-Take 72

Grandma (aka my mom) hit up a garage sale a few weeks ago and got Logan some adorable shoes and a fun dress-up skirt. I thought the skirt woulnd’t fit her for a few months but decided to try it on anyway. I am very glad I did because not only does it fit, but she had so much fun feeling the fabric and the ribbon. We took a few selfies with her in the skirt.take72d
Front facing cell phone cameras are so fun!take72e
Me and Aunt Krystyn (aka my sister) really enjoy limes. Actually, Aunt Krystyn LOVES limes! I had a lime on the rim of my margartia glass and Logan kept staring at it and reaching for it. Pretty sure she shares our lime enjoying tastebuds.take72h
I was a little surprised she didn’t spit it out when she got a taste of the rind.take72
A very happy lime faced Milkshake.take72b
The 4th of July marked our Milkshake’s last first holiday. She celebrated in true American style with hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream at her Aunt Theresa’s (aka my sister in law) new house.take72c
The next big first will be her birthday party! Invites are in the mail and the planning has begun!

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  1. Stopping by from the Mommy & Me link-up! What a cute outfit. I love when the grandmas surprise my little ones with new clothes and toys. So fun.

  2. That last picture is making me smile my head off! Super cute!

    Yay for limes..although, they are terrible for the teeth.

    Where did you get those shorts? I can’t find any good shorts!

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    I can’t believe she was chewing on a lime and not making the “terrible sour” face.

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