Mommy & Me-Take 78

Logan’s hair is growing…FINALLY! She was born with SO much hair but then it sort of stopped growing. One of her day care teachers suggested I shave it all off becuase it will help it grow. Huh? Me and the Hubs easily decided against shaving her head. Maybe it does work, but we were not going to try it out on our baby girl. It is wispy and curly and a little wild and we LOVE it! She doesn’t have enough for pig tails just yet but she can wear a hair clip. I was at Kroger and found the most perfect teeny tiny hair clips for her. I was SO excited to clip one in her hair as soon as I got home. I put away all the groceries and that’s when I realized the hair clips never made it home. Boo. I checked the receipt and I did pay for them. Ugh, I went back to Kroger and the manager actually had them in his hand becuase they were left by the bagging area where I checked out.

I tried not to interrupt her while she was having fun to clip one in.
Oops, Momma had to stop her playing to get the clip in properly. Can you tell she didn’t appreciate the interruption?m&m79d
See how cute these little cips are? There is nothing fancy about them, but my baby girl has a clip in her hair!m&m79
Once she was able to continue playing all was right in the Milkshake world!m&m79c
We love her curly, wispy, wild, gorgeous brown hair.


  1. She looks so adorable in her little clips. Glad she recovered from getting upset.

  2. Grandma P says:

    the little clips are great – she looks so grown up with them in her hair – I also love her wispy curly hair

  3. Adorable!!

    My first daughter didn’t have enough hair for a clip to stay in until she was about 2. I was so excited when she finally did!

  4. She is precious!!! I have some teeny tiny clips that would be so precious on her!

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