Mommy & Me-Take 96

Dear Logan,

Thanks for being such a trooper this weekend! While Daddy was getting your new (to us) and free swing set you went all over town with Momma, and you were such a sweet girl. You enjoyed riding on my back at our first stop.m&m96
Employees and other shoppers were smiling and waving to you, one employee even sang to us!m&m96b She had a fantastic voice, and something about her singing got you all squirmy so I moved you to the seat in the cart. You were happy there as long as you got to hold some of the items we needed to buy. Then, we went to our next stop. I wore you on the front this time, and you were so sweet and snuggly. I was hoping I could drive home with you like that, but safety first meant you needed to be in your car seat. At our last stop you rode in the cart and when you waved to the woman at checkout I think her heart grew three sizes. She just kept smiling and smiling and you did, too. While you napped, Daddy and Uncle Koya put together your new swing set. m&m96e
You got to go down the slide a few times, but unfortunately the nasty weather kept us inside most of the weekend. Again, you were a tropper and were happy to have a very late dinner out with Momma and Daddy. We are so happy you like Chipotle, and know next time to simply order you guacamole for dinner and you will be pretty pleased.m&m96f
Sunday was another day of bad weather, so other than a little stroll down the street, we stayed inside and played and read books. Animal books are your favorite right now and you really like to make their sound and sign what they are. You are SO smart, Logan!m&m96d
We ended the weekend with a dinner you really enjoyed…sausage, sauerkraut and potatoes. I wish I had a video of how quickly you ate the sausage. We were worried you would get an upset tummy after you ate 3 links, 2 of which came off your Dad’s plate. So while you played, he tried to eat his dinner. You didn’t play for long and wanted in his lap so he ‘hid’ the sausage so you wouldn’t try to eat more…you’re too smart for that and found it, and nibbled a few more pieces. That is where I think we went wrong, Mitsy Moo.

Most nights you sleep SO well, sweet girl. Last night, you fell asleep ok (once Momma stepped in becuase you and Daddy like to play and play and play!) but around 11 you just could not get comfortable. We tried EVERYTHING and it was very sad. It’s so hard for us when you are uncomfortable and we don’t know what to do to help you feel better. I think, even though you loved it, you had a little too much sausage for one meal. We are so happy you liked dinner, but next time we will have to ration your sausage so your tummy doesn’t get upset. I am so sorry you had a tough night, Mitsy, and I hope you have a nice day at school and tonight you sleep much better.

Thank you for a fun weekend, Logan! You are such a silly, sweet, energetic, happy and loving little girl and we LOVE taking you places and exposing you to new things.



  1. it took me years to like guac, but now I love it! Go Logan with your expande palate!

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    I love the new and free swig set. Good for you getting out with just the 2 of you. She’s such a cutie and growing way too quickly.

  3. I want all the avocado…and Chipotle!

    And, I haven’t done sausage and potatoes and sauerkraut! I wonder if the girls will like it.

    That playset looks super fun, too!

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