Mommy & Me-Take 99

The weather is still nasty here. We don’t mind the cold, but the cold AND rain just aren’t working for us. Saturday, we took a trip to the mall to see the fish at Bass Pro Shop, and play at a different indoor playground. Before we left I made sure to give our girl some tummy tickles and giggles. M&M98
Daddy dressed her, hence the crazy patterns.

We tried for a selfie and this was the best I snapped of us:M&M98B
Somehow I ended up with bronchitis and didn’t feel that well until the antibiotics kicked in. It’s like she knew Momma needed some extra love. M&M98C
She’s the sweetest snuggler and cuddler ever!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    the weather here has been junky for a while. Guess it’s better then snow though.

    What a sweet girl loving on Mommy when she’s sick. I see you are wearing the sleepy pants we got you.

  2. Love your hat!

    And the weather has been crap here, too. So glad she picks up on mommy’s cues and gives you extra snuggles.

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