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We are very pleased with Logan’s eating. For the most part she will eat anything and hasn’t spit anything…out until last night. She was NOT a fan of taco meat and there was no way she was going to tolerate it in her mouth, let alone swallow it. Last weekend when we had breakfast at my mom’s Logan sat in a booster so her cousin, B, could use the highchair. I was nervous she was too young for the booster seat but she sure proved me wrong. She really liked being at the table with the big girls. She has graduated to the booster seat at home and is loving it.20140802_104958
I think she just wanted to eat in peace.20140802_104956
Loving kisses from Momma!20140802_105001(1)
All grown up and proud to be in her booster seat.20140802_104958(0)
Afternoon naps have been interesting the past few weekends. For some reason she doesn’t want to nap longer than an hour which makes for a sleepy Milkshake early in the evening. She is sucking her thumb more and more which is good becuase it comforts her AND lets me and the Hubs know our girl is sleepy. She is extra snuggly when she is sucking her thumb, too. Works for me! I love her nap bed head in this picture.m&m77c
We are looking forward to celebrating her 1st birthday this weekend with a fun frog theme for our frog baby!


  1. Sweet photos. Stopping by from Mommy & Me Monday.

  2. She looks like such a big girl in that booster. But, they sure are happy at the table with the family when they are ready, aren’t they?

  3. Grandma Pat says:

    She’s growing up too fast. Can’t believe she’s almost 1 year old. Glad she did try the booster. I agree with Mrs. Serious. I think they feel more with the family in a booster.

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