Photo Story Friday-Madelyn Edition

We got Riley shortly after we moved in together. She joined our two cats zoE and Leroy and was a great addition to our family. However, she seemed bored and we decided after our wedding we would get her a sister (I am not a big fan of boy dogs because their red rockets make me very uncomfortable). We knew we wanted a dog from a rescue/shelter (all of our fur babies are rescues) and a very dear friend volunteers for a local shelter, Dakota Rescue, and I asked her to keep and eye out for a small, sweet, spayed, heart worm free female dog. There was one I had a fallen in love with, Lady, but she also sent us another picture of a dog with the happiest tail I have ever seen. Even in the picture her tail was happy. That Saturday we went to an adoption event and met Lady and Haley. It didn’t take long to realize Haley would be the new member of our family. Riley had a sister!


Haley had been staying with a family from the rescue as a foster. They raved about how sweet and wonderful she was and told us she was already potty trained. Dang, it couldn’t get any better. We brought her home and the evening and next day went pretty good. She had one small accident when we had some friends over, but other than that she was great. We also changed her name to Madelyn, she just looked like a little Madelyn to us.

Monday morning me and the hubby left for work and Riley and Madelyn were free to destroy protect the house. That was the plan at least. I came home to our brand new, custom order blinds all over the entry way, a bottle of Lunesta destroyed and 10 pills missing and there was enough poop and pee upstairs for me to think we had been gone for a month. WHAT? How did this sweet, adorable, POTTY TRAINED dog do all this damage???? And how in the heck did she not pass out after eating 10 prescription sleeping pills?

I got in touch with my friend and she told me the foster parents had Madelyn in a kennel during the day. Ohhhhh, I guess we missed that little tid-bit during the adoption process. We had Riley’s old kennel and Madelyn loved it. It’s 20 sizes too big but we are glad she has plenty of room. She loves her kennel and we often find her sleeping in it all on her own.

A few months ago hubby was working late, I had finished a tough workout and decided to unwind with a nice bath. I got the water going, and went into the kitchen to put laundry in the dryer. I came back to find this little angel in my fresh bubble bath. (In her defense, her and Riley were spoiled and use to get baths in the tub.) I guess she just wanted to relax, too.


After I helped her wet little body out of the tub I let it fill and decided to enjoy my bath, even if it had a few Madelyn hairs in it.

I got out of the tub and Madelyn was in our bed. But before she got in our bed, she took her wet legs for a visit to her favorite place…the cat’s littler box. So I had a wet  fur baby with cat litter stuck to her legs in my bed after a relaxing bath.


She’s lucky she is so darn cute!


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  1. I adore the pic of her on your bed… talk about royalty. She is adorably cute which as you say, is probably a good thing!


  2. pat chance says:

    guess she is getting you ready for human chikdren

  3. hahaha I love Madelyn stories! She is the cutest (and funniest)!!

  4. She is very lucky she is so stinkin’ cute.

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