Mommy & Me-Take 200

December 19-25, 2016 Both Shakes started off the week a little worn out and extra clingy…I think all the festivities and parties and activities was a bit over stimulating. Morgan was easy to please as she just wanted to be held. Once again, LILLEbaby to the rescue. I always carry her on my hip so carrying her on my hip in our Candy Shop woven … [Read more...]

Logan’s 1st Christmas

I was told by several people that our Milkshake’s first Christmas would be special and magical…they couldn’t have been more right. She wasn’t really interested in gifts or even boxes, but she did get to spend time with plenty of people that love her so very much. We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma, Grandpa, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa and Uncle … [Read more...]