Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Made My Sisters Visit AMAZING

1. She introduced Logan to the Miracle Blanket, and it’s true to its name.
2. Aunt Krystyn showed us how to swaddle our Milkshake while in the car seat.
3. Chicken Spaghetti and Zucchini Casserole. Delicious!get-attachment (28)
4. She helped me return stuff at Babies-R-Us with the Milkshake in tow (lifting the car seat is still tough one the incision).
5. She went with me to have Logan weighed, so I got to show her the birth center AND she met one of the amazing Melissa’s in our life.
6. I woke up to her already getting stuff out to make pancakes one day, AND she made extra so I can enjoy the leftovers.
7. Snacks! She would get me snacks and water without me asking or even realizing I needed it.
8. Beefy noodle soup…I don’t think that is the proper name but it is delicious. Again, she made extra so we have some in the freezer for lunch or dinner in the upcoming weeks.
9. Fur baby feeder. With 4 angelic fur babies running around the house when it’s feeding time they.are.HUNGRY! She even gave the dogs treats Smile
10. Breastfeeding help over and over and over and over again. She reassured me MANY times (in text and over the phone before she got here) that Logan was doing great with breastfeeding AND getting enough. As a first time mom I was VERY concerned she was not getting enough, but she was, and a few emails and verbal confirmation from someone that has raised 3 gorgeous girls on breast milk really helped.
11. Date afternoon! My sister watched Logan while me and the Hubs went to see The Butler. I never thought I would be ok with leaving my 4 week old baby, but I was very comfortable, didn’t cry and enjoyed a nice movie with the Hubs.
12. I won’t be getting a ticket thanks to her. She took Humphrey to get inspected. I didn’t even know his inspection had expired, but she noticed, and even with the crazy Texas laws she got it done.
13. CONFIDENCE! She reassured me and the Hubs that what we are doing with our Milkshake is right. She even showed us some great tricks that Logan loves, and I truly think we have a happier baby because of these tips and tricks.

Krystyn, we can’t thank you enough for your visit. I hope I am able to do the same when you have Zeke, well, minus the confidence stuff because if anyone was born to be a mom it was YOU. I sure wish you and the family would move back to the Lone Star State, it’s just not the same without y’all.


  1. Awwww… thanks! I’m so glad I was able to be there! And, you came with every girl and cooked for us…you owe us nothing:)

  2. Awww that was a very awesome post and she is a very helpful sister! Zeke, that is a boyz name????

  3. Stephanie Russell says:

    Aww!!! What a sweet post! So glad you girls were able to spend some quality time together!

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