Thirteen Pictures from Orlando and Atlanta

A few weeks ago we flew to Orlando for Chris and Rachel’s wedding. We dropped Logan off in Atlanta with my sister and BIL and our 4 nieces. Yes! They had 5 girls under one roof for the weekend. Talk about amazing! After the wedding I stayed in Atlanta while the Hubs and my BIL flew to Houston. Here are some pictures from the wedding in Orlando, and … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Made My Sisters Visit AMAZING 1. She introduced Logan to the Miracle Blanket, and it’s true to its name. 2. Aunt Krystyn showed us how to swaddle our Milkshake while in the car seat. 3. Chicken Spaghetti and Zucchini Casserole. Delicious! 4. She helped me return stuff at Babies-R-Us with the Milkshake in tow (lifting … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 31

Our sweet Milkshake turned 4 weeks old this week. I made sure to get tons and tons of snuggle time with her, which often happens after she nurses. When she is milk-drunk and passes out I love to just let her sleep on me. In order to help keep her close to me I decided to use my Moby wrap. I read the instructions in the booklet and watched a … [Read more...]

Photo Story Friday-The ATL Edition

Last weekend I flew to Atlanta to visit my sister and her family. I try to see them a few times a year, though it would be much better if they lived in the Lone Star state and I could see them all the time, but that is for another post. This trip required more packing than others. The first thing I needed, a suitcase: I had to use the biggest … [Read more...]

Wordful Wednesday

Since I do not get to see my nieces often enough, I like to spoil them every moment when I am there. They have a sweet tooth just like their aunt so I figured some candy for dessert would be a nice treat. Me and my sister went to the dollar store and I made sure there was something to satisfy everyone. I thought I had done really good with the … [Read more...]