Thursday Thirteen

The most amazing baby shower captured in 13 pictures:

1. We can add Logan’s birth date and weight to the wreath once she’s born. I love the fur babies on here, too.DSC_0268

2. Milkshake cupcakes.DSC_0269

3. Evelyn (niece), Krystyn (sister), Melissa (cousin), Me, Mom, Aunt Deb.DSC_0283

4. Gift table with books to write messages to Logan.DSC_0264

5. Stephanie and Rachel, two of the three awesome hostesses and fantastic friends!DSC_0294

6. Hubs favorite onesie “My bottle brings all the boys to my crib”…not really. He semi-freaked when he saw it. DSC_0274

7. Socializing before the shower game, which got a little competitive!DSC_0304

8. Logan’s milkshakes. They made these tasty treats and passed them out during the shower. Delicious and adorable.DSC_0273


10. A gift from Logan’s great grandma. DSC_0338

11. Look at those game faces!DSC_0314

12. Milkshakes centerpiece. The cuteness and creativity in the decorations was top notch. DSC_0278

13. Diaper cake my mom’s co-worker made. There was so much fun stuff inside. DSC_0280

Thank you Stephanie, Rachel and Susie for the BEST baby shower ever. I loved everything…the food, the decorations, the theme, the game—it was a perfect day. Thank you to all the friends and family that flew in (from Atlanta and Chicago, how loved are we?) and drove good distances to shower me and Logan with tremendous love. It is so exciting to have special gifts in her nursery, to dress her in and it use every day that were given to us with so much love. Me and the Hubs enjoyed reopening every gift and putting them in her nursery. We are ready for our Milkshake to be here, (ok, she needs to stay put about 5 more weeks) and be able to use all the wonderful goodies we received. Thank you so very much to everyone that made the shower so very vErY VERY special.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    It was a very nice shower. Good food, good company and lot’s of Love.

  2. What a fun baby shower!

  3. Aww, thanks Em! You and Logan deserve to be showered!! It was a great turn out!

  4. All this is SUPER cute – the centerpieces are really fun – I love it!

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