Wordful Wednesday

Happy 8 months, Logan! You are 66.6% of a year old today. 8monthsYou are sitting up all on your own and can reach forward and grab toys on the ground, then return to a sitting position. You LOVE to froggy kick…in the stroller, in the bath tub or in your crib. The way you clap your tootsies is so cute! Just last night you started clicking your tongue, and momma just started showing you how to do it two days ago. You are really starting to enjoy food. You are putting your bottom two teeth to good use, and with all the drool and chewing on toys lately we are pretty sure your top teeth will cut through shortly. We send you to school with yogurt and a vegetable puree and you finish it all every day. Speaking of school, you have the BEST teachers and you love them so much. I think Ms. Bharti is your favorite (she is momma’s favorite, too) and you give her kisses and hold on to her face when you see her. She has a hard time giving you up at the end of the day. Monday you started reaching for me! I can’t.get.enough! I love coming home from work to my smiling Milkshake reaching for her momma.

Riley and Leroy are becoming your favorite fur siblings. Watching Riley walk into a room brings the biggest smile to your face. Pulling Leroy’s fluffy fur has become a favorite of yours as well. You stuck your finger right in his mouth the other day and he didn’t bite or anything, he sat their pateintly waitng for you to pull pet him some more.blogb blogaNew faces are not your favorite thing. You will stare and stare at a new or unfmailiar face, and just when we think you aren’t interested, you will flash them your biggest two-teeth smile! People grin and giggle when they get that smile. It’s an adorable smile. You are enjoying music class a little more each week, but it is tough since it ends when you are usually trying to nap. You sleep great at night, but you are a very early riser. By 5:20-5:30am you are awake and froggy kicking and talking in your crib. A few times you have turned on your crib tv with your strong froggy kicks. Your Rabbi curls get curlier and curlier as the humidity increases, and your straight baby hair is still falling out. You were born with SO much hair, and it has thinnned considerably, but what has remained are some super cute curls on each side of your head. Saying “dada” and singing/cooing while we sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Rooster Song bring the sweetest voice to our ears. We are taking you on as many ‘adventures’ possible so you can be exposed to new sights and places. Your behavior has been wonderful everywhere we take you.blogc
Self soothing has been a struggle from you since the beginning. The past two days you have started sucking your thumb to calm yourself down! It makes us so happy that you are able to make yourself calm and comfortable. You use one hand to hold the other hands’ thumb in your mouth…precious!blogd

Schnitzy<—-you finally have a nickname! We have called you our frog baby from day one; with your strong legs always kicking, your pretty big eyes and round belly it just seemed to fit. I started calling you Frog Baby, which turned in to Frogger, which led to Frogger Schintzel (and a song I made up just for you) which resulted in Schnitzy! You know your name and are starting to respond to Schnitzy as well.

We love you, Logan, and love watching you grow! We can’t wait to see how you change, learn, laugh, smile and become even more of a ‘little lady’ over the next month!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    cute pictures – can’t believe she’s 8 months already

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