Mommy & Me-Take 69

After our family lunch on Friday I wanted to take Logan swimming. Our neighborhood (most likely the only neighborhood in the state of Texas without one) does NOT have a pool. I don’t understand it. The next best thing? A $9 pool from Wal-Mart. She looks so cute in a swim suit. She really enjoyed splashing around and sharing the water with … [Read more...]

Wordful Wednesday

Happy 8 months, Logan! You are 66.6% of a year old today. You are sitting up all on your own and can reach forward and grab toys on the ground, then return to a sitting position. You LOVE to froggy the stroller, in the bath tub or in your crib. The way you clap your tootsies is so cute! Just last night you started clicking your tongue, … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 33

I’ve really been trying to take naps when Logan sleeps, but I am not good at it. I have never been a good nap taker. The other day I did get some snuggle time while she slept, and made sure to steal some kisses. We spent time cheering for the Texans this weekend and took a selfie. I know Logan is a little young for it but we decided to start a … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 22

This weekend I was determined to get everything done since I will be 37 weeks Wednesday, and Logan can safely make her appearance anytime after that. Personally, I feel like she will be born August 2....not sure why, but that's the date my gut tells me. The Hubs thinks she will be born very late in the month. It made me feel better to get all the … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 15

The lovely Texas Summer heat and humidity are finally here. I want to say by now (I've lived here since I was 9 months old) I am used to it, but it's just not something you can really get used to. You get used to feeling sticky and never really having a good hair day, but the heat combined with the humidity and bright, shining sun are just plain … [Read more...]

Photo Story Friday-The Chair Edition

When we started looking for nursery furniture, I knew I wanted a chair that was comfortable and neutral. I searched online, in stores and asked for recommendations from other mommies. I decided on a chair from and when it arrived I had to test it out with the help of our fur babies. Madelyn took the first test glide:   Next it … [Read more...]

Photo Story Friday-Nickname Edition

Me and the hubs were discussing baby names a few weeks ago (we won’t officially name it milkshake) and he made a very good point—he said, “It doesn’t matter what we name it, within a week you will have nicknamed it and everyone will call it that.” It did take some of the pressure off picking the name for a moment, but I know its nickname won’t go … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 2

*I have a plus one for Mommy & Me this week. See if you can spot Vito joining the yoga fun! I got a prenatal yoga DVD and I have been trying to use it 2 days a week. I really enjoy it, and I feel it’s a great, relaxing workout…most of the time. This is how yoga goes in my house: All the fur babies want to be involved. Notice zoE, sitting … [Read more...]