Wordless Wednesday

We are still working towards better sleep habits in the Milkshake household (for Logan and MommaE)…trying to put her asleep awake (there’s a good oxymoron!) and get her used to her cribs for naps. This happened the other night and I treasured every second of itWW1120

It’s a little grainy becuase I didn’t want the flash to wake her. Look at those plump arms! I am so happy she is gaining weight well…one day I will do a breast feeding post. You can’t tell by all her juicy plumpness we ever had weight gain issues. Makes for one happy MommaE and Father!


  1. She will get the sleeping thing down. In the mean time Momma E, you need to take advantage of those sleeping moments and get in some naps when you can.

  2. So glad she took a nap on you…I would definitely savor those.

    And I love her little arm rolls!

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