Mommy & Me-Take 63

One of the reasons we picked the day care for Logan was the video feed they provide so we can watch her throughout the day. Another big reason was the experience of the teachers and ALL they teach young babies. We were very surprised and excited to learn they would teach her sign language, and true to their word, they have started. In order to help … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 42

This weekend the Milkshake household focused on sleeping. I think we had some breakthroughs…several naps were taken in the crib for over an hour AND a bedtime was established AND Logan slept longer than 8 hours without needing to eat. I was able to make a run to B-R-Us while our sweet girl slept. Look how excited I was to see this on the monitor: … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

We are still working towards better sleep habits in the Milkshake household (for Logan and MommaE)...trying to put her asleep awake (there's a good oxymoron!) and get her used to her cribs for naps. This happened the other night and I treasured every second of it It's a little grainy becuase I didn't want the flash to wake her. Look at those … [Read more...]