Mommy & Me-Take 101

We’ve had several days of absolutely fabulous weather! Woohoo! Logan plays outside twice a day at school, then she has time outside when she gets home. We started something new this past week, after dinner we go outside and swing or play hide-and-go-seek or go for a walk. We have all really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, last night, she took two bites of dinner, signed and said ‘all done’ then wanted to go outside before me and the Hubs were anywhere near finished with our dinner. I can’t blame her…she’s finally able to use her swing set! It’s fun!m&m100
I want to see you momma!m&m100b
We started off Sunday morning with a green smoothie (she drank the entire amount) and some Baby’s First TV. I get really excited when we start the day off with snuggles and spinach!m&m100c
Once the sun was shining we walked to the park. We are very lucky that the park is not too far and it’s kept up very well. She loves to go down the slide and have us hold her hand on the one next to her so she goes super fast. On the walk home I could feel her snuggle in and relax, and the closer we got to home the heavier and slower her breathing was. She was tuckered out from all the sunshine and playing.m&m100d
I took her out of the carrier and thought she would wake up. To my surprise she didn’t, and took a 2.5 hour nap. We hope your weekend was filled with sunshine, fresh air and walks to the park!


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    It has been beautiful weather here. That’s great that she stayed asleep getting out of the carrier. Hopefully Grandpa will get the rest of her swing set repaired soon.

  2. She’s so sweet just chilling on your back!

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