Mommy & Me-Take 158

Morgan wants to crawl so badly and it’s starting to interfere with her naps at school. She lays in the crib and spins around and around, popping her paci in and out of her mouth, basically just having a party. She couldn’t fight the sleep after she nursed Wednesday afternoon. I love her little hand hanging on to my shirt. Naps make Morgan a happy … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 101

We've had several days of absolutely fabulous weather! Woohoo! Logan plays outside twice a day at school, then she has time outside when she gets home. We started something new this past week, after dinner we go outside and swing or play hide-and-go-seek or go for a walk. We have all really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, last night, she took two bites … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 79

Before it got too scorching hot this weekend, we took a family walk to the playground and let Logan enjoy the swings. (Excuse my workout gear, I took Riley for a run before Logan woke up.) Logan is still in her pj's becuase although this was around 8am, it was already 85 degrees and we didn't want to take any time to change her clothes. She made … [Read more...]