Mommy & Me-Take 102

Our Milkshake is in a new classroom starting this week. We are excited for her as this class has centers and more activities geared towards learning colors, shapes, numbers and letters, but the transition has been a little hard on her. She LOVED her teachers in her previous classroom so we know she is missing them. But, the walls are all glass so she can see them and wave at them, and I saw one in her new classroom yesterday giving her a hug. I had SO many questions for the new teachers when I was given the folder with the guidelines and class schedule. It specifically stated pacifiers were not allowed. No biggie, Logan hasn’t been a pacy baby since about 6 months. However, I wondered if that meant they would try to stop her from sucking her thumb. Sure enough, the Hubs asked and they said they like to encourage children NOT to suck their thumbs anymore. Well, we aren’t ready for her to give it up. It took her a LONG time to learn to self soothe, and sucking her left thumb (always the left) with her right hand tucked at her neck is her happy place. See:m&m102c
And here, too:m&m102
Saturday morning she wanted Momma cuddles and her thumb. Who can fight this and make her stop?m&m102b
Sunday she woke up and had gotten sick in the middle of the night. She wasn’t feeling her best but that little thumb with her hand on her neck made her the happiest Milkshake!m&m102d
She’s almost 18 months so we are aware at somepoint she needs to stop sucking her thumb, but since she isn’t 18 years old yet, we will be concerned with it at a later date. For now, suck and tuck on, Logan!


  1. Suck and tuck…I’m totally laughing!!

    I hated that daycare took the girls’ pacis so early!

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