Mommy & Me-Take 152

We are still enjoying a mild winter, and I hope all the people in the path of the Winter Storm 2016 are warm and cozy. The temps have dropped at night but during the day the sun has been shining and it’s been wonderful. The Milkshakes love to be outside, and me and the Hubs like it because it forces us to be outside and enjoy the fresh air as well. m&m152c

Morgan turned 6 months old Friday and I took her for her check-up and vaccinations. Just like all the other times I cried more than she did. She did SO good. She was chatting and cooing and squealing before and after she got her 3 pokes. She is 14lbs 2oz and 26” long. She was fascinated with her teether and forward facing camera at the doctors office. m&m152d

Unfortunately, Morgan woke up with a fever Saturday and did not seem to feel well. We stayed home all day and watched too many episodes of Wishenpoof to count. I kept trying to get Logan to go to the park with me but she didn’t want to, and I’m thinking she was just tired from a long week at school. She plays hard and really focuses during the teaching/lessons and I think sometimes she just needs a break.

Sunday morning both girls were feeling great so we went to the zoo. We have been several times and each time we go we discover new exhibits and animals we haven’t seen before. Yesterday, we found the Rainforest exhibit and really liked it. Logan liked the piranha tunnel and crawled through countless times. Morgan liked the exhibit so much she snoozed the entire time in the LILLEbaby. m&m152e

One of the zoo employees had a rat snake and Logan was eager to see it and touch it. m&m152i

A trip to the zoo is not successful unless Logan rides the carousel. Her beloved zebra was being enjoyed by another kiddo so I convinced her to ride the tiger. m&m152g

She looks terrified but she loves the carousel and cried when it was over.



The weather is supposed to be fantastic again this week and I can’t wait to make memories with the girls.


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    One of these days we will get to the zoo with you. I haven’t been in over 20 years.

  2. Great pics. 🙂 Babywearing for the win!

  3. Aw, I cry when the carousel is over, too!! I feel ya!

  4. I’m glad Morgan recovered from the shots and you were able to have a fun trip to the zoo!

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