Mommy & Me-Take 156 & 157

Take 156

While my sister was here we took advantage of the nice weather and my zoo pass and met at the Houston Zoo. The morning traffic was not fun for either of our drives…and then Logan told me she needed to go to the bathroom. She was not wearing a pull-up, and I did have extra clothes,  but I just asked her if she could hold it. She did! For over 20 minutes! While Aunt Krystyn, Uncle Matt and ‘the cousins’ went to see the elephants, Logan and I went to the see the fish. m&m156

We had the entire aquarium to ourselves! Yes, she has a bow AND a flower in her hair…she insisted and it made her happy.

After the aquarium we grabbed a snack to share. The popcorn was buttery and salty and delicious.m&m156b

We had a great time at the zoo and it was really fun spending the morning with my big Milkshake. She has asked about ‘the cousins’ everyday since they went back to Atlanta so I hope we can make a visit there soon.

Morgan has been sitting up for a few weeks. When we sit her up she plays for a few minutes then leans forward and rolls on to her tummy. Once on her tummy she spins and spins and scoots to get the toys she wants. On this particular day it was the plastic red shovel she was after. m&m156d

I kept moving the shovel to make her spin and wiggle to get it. m&m156e




She got it!m&m156i

I think she is going to be crawling very soon.

Take 157

This week started off painful for Morgan as her two bottom teeth were SO close to breaking through. We gave her snuggles and love to try to help her through it. m&m157

Logan is also a great distraction and Morgan loves to watch her run and dance and sing. When Logan was wrapped up in Sophia the First or Doc McStuffins tickles from Momma helped distract her from teething pain. m&m157b

Later in the week I noticed she was happy and smiley and being more like herself so I felt for teeth and one came through! Yay! Let’s celebrate with tickles and selfies!!m&m157c


I am hoping the other bottom tooth breaks through very soon as she was up from midnight-2am Saturday.

A few months ago the Hubs got a small soccer goal. When we go in the back yard Logan loves to make goals and pass the ball back and forth. She likes to scoot the ball back really far so she can run and kick it in the goal. We celebrate every goal with double high-fives and cheering in the backyard. m&m157e

Morgan is her biggest cheerleader! I see pee-wee soccer games in our future. m&m157f

I ran in a Fun Run Saturday morning with some friends. The weather was perfect and we had good time. After the girls napped we had a Milkshake family picnic in the backyard with wings, french fries and carrot sticks. The girls devoured the carrot sticks! Well, Morgan mostly sucked on it but she enjoyed being part of the picnic. m&m157i


One tooth and sunshine makes this little lady happy!m&m157g


  1. Grandma Pat says:

    really cute pictures. I hope Morgan’s 2nd tooth comes thru really soon

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