Mommy & Me-Take 19

This week was all about the Hubs. Sunday was not only Father’s Day, but also his 33rd birthday, our 3 year proposal anniversary and our 23 month wedding anniversary. The beginning of the week started off with some snuggles from Madelyn. Normally, the dogs don’t get in the bed, but since we shaved her and gave her a bath she got an exception. I think both of them were pretty happy with it.m&mplucky

The Hubs spends time nearly every evening talking to Logan. It is the sweetest, cutest most touching part of every day. The things he tells her crack me up, but the most important words he tells her nightly are ‘please turn for your poor mum so we can have a smooth, easy birth.’ Hopefully it works, we should know later this week. Oh, and he is big on skin to skin contact, so he makes sure his face is flush against my belly so she gets the skin to skin contact we’ve learned is so beneficial for babies (this picture isn’t the best showing of the skin to skin because the Hubs had a few days shadow going on and it’s scratchy).m&mbump

Saturday, I went to the first baby shower of the day and came home to a finished tree! It looks great. The Hubs did a fantastic job placing the leaves and birds in just the right places. Logan is going to love waking up to her birds, I just know it.m&mtreeSunday was the Hubs BIG day….33 years old! We started off the morning golfing and had a great time. The Hubs got some new golf shoes that I think helped his game. Although I didn’t play this time (Father’s Day crowd+plus Sunday morning crowd+plus sun in my eyes=too nervous to golf MommaE) I had fun riding in the cart and reminiscing about the Hubs marriage proposal 3 years ago, and how quickly almost two years of marriage has flown by. We had a great lunch with his side of the family at a local Nigerian restaurant where they sang and clapped and gave a meat pie with a candle and balloons to celebrate the Hubs big day.m&mbday

It was a great week and I am so happy, lucky and blessed every day I get to spend with my Hubby! He is already a wonderful father to the 4 fur babies and our Milkshake, and I can’t wait to see him teach her and play with her and love her as she grows. Happy Birthday, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Proposal Anniversary and Happy 23 Month Wedding Anniversary Boo Bear! I love you so very much.

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  1. Ya’ll are going to have a full house NEXT Father’s Day – and it will be even more special. PS: that mural looks awesome!

  2. The tree looks great.

    Happy Father’s Day and Birthday to Father.

    I don’t know about daddy to mommy skin to skin for the baby, but it sure helps after they are born. E lived in my hospital gown at the hospital and was quite happy almost naked and on my chest.

  3. Great photo! Love the collage – so cute! And that tree is fantastic!

  4. The nursery is looking fantastic!!

  5. These are great pictures. Happy Birthday to your husband and happy proposal and 23 month anniversary!!

  6. Grandma Pat says:

    good pictures and the tree looks great.

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