Mommy & Me-Take 29

I’ve had a little shadow when I pumped the past week. I enjoy my mommy/zoE pumping cuddles.

photo_3photo_1 (1)photo_2

Logan has been working really hard to get better at breast feeding (the NICU kept giving her bottles no matter what I said…did not make for a happy MommaE), and I have enjoyed all the extra cuddle time I’ve been getting.photo_1 (2)

The other night me and the Hubs had our Milkshake hanging out in bed and we really studied her and her features trying to figure out who she looks like. This is a picture of me…unfortunately I don’t really see my features in her, at least not yet. photo_2 (1)

We will have to find a baby picture of the Hubs and compare it to Logan.

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  1. Glad zoE is cheering you on for your pumping.

    And I think she has your lips for sure. And maybe your ears…are daddy’s detached? I can’t remember.

  2. Such sweet pictures. I have to say that as my kids grow – who they seem to look more like changes – along with their personalities. May be too soon to say for sure!

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