Wordless Wednesday

What I take 3 times a day: To give me moments like this with my Milkshake: … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 30

Logan’s third week was full of outings. Monday we went to the birth center to have her weight checked (she has been struggling to gain weight and was losing at an uncomfortable rate) and we learned she is gaining. It was also great to see Melissa, my midwife, again (I will talk more about her in the birth story, which should be posted this week). … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 29

I’ve had a little shadow when I pumped the past week. I enjoy my mommy/zoE pumping cuddles. Logan has been working really hard to get better at breast feeding (the NICU kept giving her bottles no matter what I said…did not make for a happy MommaE), and I have enjoyed all the extra cuddle time I’ve been getting. The other night me and the Hubs … [Read more...]