Mommy & Me-Take 28

The first week with our Milkshake home has been great. We are having a few breastfeeding struggles, but I am so proud of Logan for trying so hard at every feeding. I am happy to say things seem to be getting better. Of course there has been plenty of snuggling and MommaE-Milkshake naps:get-attachment (5)

Earlier in the day Logan gave me the sweetest bear hug ever:get-attachment (4)

A ‘cool’ front came through over the weekend and we took advantage with a nice walk around the trail. I wanted to take Riley and Madelyn, but I am not quite sure a sudden pull from them seeing a squirrel would be good for my incision. Logan didn’t seem to mind her sisters couldn’t come….she slept soundly the entire time. Fresh air definitely does a body good!get-attachment (7)

The other day when I was nursing her I noticed how absolutely adorable her little pinky nails are and had to compare them to mine. Everything is just so teeny tiny on her and I love it! Her nails grow crazy fast and I had to trim them for the second time after I took this picture. get-attachment (6)

Me and the Hubs can’t wait to see how she grows and learns and just makes our lives so much better during her second week home.

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  1. She sure has some cute nails. And, look at you with yours grown out, too!

    Glad you were able to enjoy a walk.

  2. So adorable – glad you got out for a walk with her – love the baby carrier!

  3. Congrats. She’s so adorable & tiny.

  4. Grandma Pat says:

    great pictures – love the pinky comparison one

  5. She is so cute! glad you got to get some fresh air and not be cramped in the house all day!

  6. That first picture is so beautiful!

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