Mommy & Me-Take 48

This weekend I decided Logan was ready for the jogging stroller. She absolutely loved it! I think she enjoyed facing forward and seeing the world, instead of just staring at me and falling asleep. She kicked her feet, talked, sang and chewed on her toys the entire time. Every time I stopped to check on her she would give me a giant, gummy grin. … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 28

The first week with our Milkshake home has been great. We are having a few breastfeeding struggles, but I am so proud of Logan for trying so hard at every feeding. I am happy to say things seem to be getting better. Of course there has been plenty of snuggling and MommaE-Milkshake naps: Earlier in the day Logan gave me the sweetest bear hug … [Read more...]