Mommy & Me-Take 63

One of the reasons we picked the day care for Logan was the video feed they provide so we can watch her throughout the day. Another big reason was the experience of the teachers and ALL they teach young babies. We were very surprised and excited to learn they would teach her sign language, and true to their word, they have started. In order to help her learn to communicate with us more effectively (yes, she’s 8 months old but we still don’t know what every cry and grunt means) we got her a sign language DVD to watch at home. She REALLY likes it and does not take her eyes off the TV when it’s playing. The Hubs and I like it becuase it is teaching us sign language as well. anIt doesn’t hurt that the song is really catchy.m&m62Saturday, we took Logan to the mall to keep her awake before bedtime, per her new sleep plan the baby sleep consultant made for Logan. On the way there we had to stop at the bank and she got very fussy so I gave her some crackers. It’s crazy how easily food fixes everything. We started driving again and Logan was NOT happy. I looked in the review mirror and our sweet girl was signing ‘cracker’! She wanted more. We are so impressed and amazed with how quickly she learns. I love the look on her face as she soaks it all in.m&m62cLogan also signed ‘eat’ a few times this weekend. We are sticking to the basics right now, as many of the signs associated with food and eating require her to put her hand to her mouth and they can be pretty confusing. Hopefully she masters ‘eat’, ‘milk’ and ‘all done’ so she can let us know what she needs.

Sleeping is still a battle. Today is Day 3 of her sleep plan, and she will be at day care for both her naps. I have incredible anxiety over it and hope she does well. I know there is only so much the teachers can do for her at school. Day 1 and 2 she shocked us and slept until 6:15. Naps did not go well on Day 1, but they went better on Day 2. I like seeing improvement, but I was disappointed when she woke up at 4:50am this morning (Day 3). Any readers, please say prayers, send sleep juju, good thoughts, consult your voodoo doctor….any positive thoughts/energy/advice for her sleeping would be greatly appreciated. I REALLY hope I have a post soon that boasts about a certain Milkshake sleeping wonderfully at night and during naps.

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  1. We are doing sign and we love it. It is super helpful! If you have Netflix, I recommend “Signing Time.” Good luck with sleep!!

  2. I have signed a couple times to B, but I need to remember to keep doing it! It was really helpful with E before she could talk. Sometimes I wish we could do it now!

  3. I hope that the sleep schedule works out for you guys. My youngest is starting to give up his nap- I am not okay with this!

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