Mommy & Me-Take 67

Logan is starting to take notice of how cute she is. She loves to see herself in mirrors, reflections or the front facing camera. This weekend she was happy to take a selfie with Momma becuase she could see herself on the screen.m&m67
Mirrors are her favorite way to catch a glimpse of her adorable face. Before her bath she kicks, smiles, grabs, makes silly facesĀ and talks to herself in the mirror. We took a family selfie but I will work on a video.m&m67b

It is so fun to see something as simple as a mirror bring our Milkshake so much joy.

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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    cute pictures – she is very funny with the mirror

  2. Super happy girl! I love seeing her smiley self!

  3. Her smile is so precious! I remember my daughter talking to herself in a mirror when she was itty bitty! So cute! *Visiting from Mommy & Me Mondays*

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