Mommy & Me-Take 105

Me and the Hubs were whisked away to Las Vegas by one of the accounts he advertises with. Before we left, we took a few selfies with our Milkshake to look at while we were gone for the weekend. It's so cute to watch Logan get really excited as she realizes it's HER cute face she is seeing in the forward facing cell phone camera. Me and Logan … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 67

Logan is starting to take notice of how cute she is. She loves to see herself in mirrors, reflections or the front facing camera. This weekend she was happy to take a selfie with Momma becuase she could see herself on the screen. Mirrors are her favorite way to catch a glimpse of her adorable face. Before her bath she kicks, smiles, grabs, makes … [Read more...]

Mommy & Me-Take 30

Logan’s third week was full of outings. Monday we went to the birth center to have her weight checked (she has been struggling to gain weight and was losing at an uncomfortable rate) and we learned she is gaining. It was also great to see Melissa, my midwife, again (I will talk more about her in the birth story, which should be posted this week). … [Read more...]